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North Carolina Election Integrity Teams

NCEIT Mission & Goals


NCEIT's mission is to establish a trusted, statewide infrastructure comprising a network of county election integrity task forces with trained, certified, and geographically positioned operators to ensure secure and legitimate election processes, November 2022 and beyond.


1.  Create and maintain an active, ongoing, trained citizen election integrity task force in key counties in 2022, with a goal to have a task force in every county by January 2024, implementing all components of the “Citizens Guide” in each county.

2.  Observe, report and adjudicate every voting and election irregularity so citizens will find it easy to vote, but very hard to cheat.

3.  Put trained observer eyes on every ballot handling operation, statewide.

4.  Ensure every election process has an audit provision, including provisions for a full forensic audit in selected jurisdictions or statewide.

5.  Compel strict compliance with all NC voting and election laws.

6.  Establish the NCEIT network across all jurisdictions to ensure every precinct and early voting site is continuously staffed with certified observers.

7.  Protect the voting processes for every vulnerable voter.

8.  Educate the North Carolina General Assembly (NCGA) on loopholes and vulnerabilities in North Carolina voting and election laws; advocate to close all such loopholes.

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