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NCEIT Public Resources


Legislative Day Handout


Poll Observers


Access to Ballots / Cast Vote Records


Voter Registration and List Maintenance



North Carolina Election Integrity Team

Standards, Mission, Goals

NCEIT's mission is to establish a trusted, statewide infrastructure, comprised of a network of county election integrity task forces with operators who are trained, certified, and geographically positioned to ensure secure and legitimate election processes, November 2022 and beyond... Download The PDF:


Election Integrity Network's

Citizen's Guide To Building An Election Integrity Infrastructure

Since the 2020 general election, there has been a national citizens’ movement to learn about the election systems in our country and to understand what happened in 2020. The powers-that-be in America don’t want citizens to discuss the 2020 election or to question the process...Download The PDF:


Public Interest Legal Foundation's

Critical Condition Report

This report seeks to give Americans data-driven information of what is broken in our election systems and to think about ways to fix those problems and remedy our vulnerabilities...Download The PDF:


Chapter 163

Elections & Election Laws

Unless otherwise provided by law, elections for the officers listed in the tabulation contained in this section shall be conducted in all election precincts of the territorial units specified in the column headed "Jurisdiction"on the dates indicated in the column headed "Date of Election." Unless otherwise provided by law, officers shall serve for the terms specified in the column headed "Term of Office."...Download The PDF:


Virginia's Fair Elections VFE

The Virginia Model

When they began the Virginia Fair Elections (VFE) coalition in 2021, they had no idea if it would be successful or not. What they did know was that Virginians were distrustful of the election process in Virginia. They knew that it was not remotely relevant whether people’s worries were grounded in truth or not. The fact of the matter was that approximately half of Virginia voters – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents – did not believe in the integrity and transparency of our election processes....

Download The PDF:




Voter Integrity Project

Learn why Jay DeLancy calls election integrity the civil rights crisis of our time.


Liberty First Grassroots PAC

Mobilizing the Truth


Ashville Tea Party

For the preservation of individual rights, Constitutionally-limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets.


Election Integrity Network

Election Integrity Network and Who's Counting with Cleta Mitchell is a project of Conservative Partnership Institute. Look Who's Counting


Virginia Fair Elections VFE

Identify and train Poll Observers. Ensure Election Officer representation IAW VA code.


County BOE Look Up

Look up your County Board of Elections.


Yadkin Valley Tea Party

We came together in town halls, on the streets, through the internet and radio and like our fellow Patriots in 1773 are ready

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