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The Eight Systems of Election Integrity

These are the Eight Systems of Election Integrity that we can perform to keep them honest. NCEIT is dedicated to helping you get confident in performing these systems.

  1. County Board of Election Liaison (Leads all local Task Force interactions with CBE)​

  2. Poll Observers, employees, and greeters (Recruited & trained at all voting locations)​

  3. Mail Voting Processes  (Monitors how USPS & CBE handles all absentee ballots)​

  4. List Maintenance (Analyzes voter rolls and monitors SBE voter roll maintenance)​

  5. Vulnerable Voters (Assists with elder care, handicapped, and military ballots.)​

  6. Machines & Technology  (Monitors certification of machines & software)​

  7. Statutory Provisions & Compliance (Legislative oversight and advocacy)​

  8. Audit Oversight & Development (Advancing the best practices for auditing elections)​

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