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Citizen Research Project: Shining the Light: Action Items & ICYMI

ACTION ITEM: Look for an Association of Election Officials in your state. If they have an annual meeting, when, agenda? Who are the speakers? Who is the "Program" person? We want to get our own speaker on the agenda.

"Call to Action" 

FOIA/Public Records Request Project to counter the false Left-Wing Narrative.

A Request to Local/State Election Officials for any reports, documentation of Intimidation, Harassment, or Threats of Violence against any Election Workers, Office Staff, or Officials. The request will also include reports, documentation to the DOJ Election Officials Task Force, the FBI Election Officials HotLine, the DHS/CISA Election Official Report Portal and the USPS Inspection Service. We will discuss the request in detail. Sample FOIA Request attached.

The Center For Voter Information/Voter Participation Center Mailer

FOIA/Public Records Requests (Sample Request Attached)

Covered States - AZ, CO, FL, GA, IA, IL, KS, MI, MO, NC, NM, 

                            NV, OK, PA, TN, TX, VA, WI, 

QR Code Issue

The Federalist - Shawn Fleetwood

Email to State Official 

Registration of Non-Citizens

Research and Questions

National Mail Voter Registration Form

Social Security Administration - Help America Vote Verification system

White House Statement on the SAVE Act

Progressive Lawyer behind Misinformation Campaign in Arizona

False Left-wing Narrative - Threats to Election Workers

Ossoff Study

Idiots at the Polls

Left-wing "BS"

Biden EO14019 - NPR

Report on ZuckBucs / Strategy for the States

Progressive Election Machine

National Task Force on Elections 

Election Assistance Commission Advisory Boards Vacancies

Six Left-wing initiatives that we're researching.

1. The US Alliance for Election Excellence (USAEE)

2. The Committee For Safe and Secure Elections (CSSE)

3. The  Center for Internet Security (CIS)

4. The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge (and partners)

5. The High School Registration/Lower The Voting Age Groups

6. The Center for Voter Information/The Voter Participation Center

Biden EO 14019

Artificial Intelligence - Federal Government/Elections

Government Censorship - DHS, DOJ, DOD

Social Media Censorship - Left-Wing, Non-Profits

Illegal Aliens Voting

Link to Government Grants Website

Best resources to use to find Form 990 for Left-wing, Non-profits, from Kristen Eastlick, Senior Vice President, Capital Research Center (Influence Watch).

Guidestar (rebranding as Candid):

Be sure to report all your findings on the Citizens Research Project Report Page. Go to, Resource Tab, Citizens Research Project.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.


Ned Jones


Citizens Election Research Center

Election Integrity Network

Virginia Institute for Public Policy


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