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NCEIT Press Conference for Election Integrity Wednesday, April 24th at Noon in Raleigh

Updated: Apr 24

Join Your North Carolina Election Integrity Team

for an

Election Integrity Press Conference

When: Wednesday, April 24th, 2024 at Noon

Where: across from NC Legislature 16 W. Jones Street in Raleigh. Questions from the media and citizens are welcome

What: NCEIT's purpose is to foster citizen awareness and to prompt NC House Representatives and Senators to pass

  • S630 the Constitutional amendment requiring U.S. Citizenship to be eligible to vote

  • List Maintenance Laws to elimnate non-citizens, duplicates, deceased, and moved off the voter rolls

  • HR770 for Cast Vote Records, audit logs, and other election artifacts for an independent post-election audit

  • Eliminate Same Day Registration that is not subject to the same uniform NVRA procedures that normal voters must endure and is unconstitutional

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