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Complaint Filed Alleging Unlawful Retention of Voter Data by Leftwing Non-Profits in North Carolina

Updated: Jul 2

From: Justin Riemer <>

Date: Tue, Jun 25, 2024 at 10:37 AM

Subject: [Election Integrity Leaders:] Complaint Filed Alleging Unlawful Retention of Voter Data by Leftwing Non-Profits in North Carolina


RITE has filed a complaint with the NC Board of Elections against three non-profit groups who are unlawfully retaining voter registration applicants’ personal information.


Many thanks to Ned Jones, Jim Womack, and Cleta for raising awareness about the issue.


Please see the release below and link to the complaint here:






J. Justin RiemerRiemer Law LLCjustin@riemer.lawO: (443) 266-2937│M: (772) 559-1567

CHARLOTTE, NC- Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections (RITE) has filed a complaintwith the North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE) outlining how voter registration organizations are violating North Carolina election law when by collecting and retaining personally identifiable information from voter registration applications.

... The complaint names the Voter Participation Center (VPC), the Center for Voter Information (CVI), and Rock the Vote as allegedly violating voter registration laws. VPC and CVI engage in get-out-the-vote activities and have been involved in the unsolicited mailing of voter registration and absentee ballot applications. Rock the Vote focuses on building the political power of young people and hosts an online voter registration portal. In the past, some of these groups appear to have mailed pre-filled voter registration applications to deceased pets, sent out absentee ballot applications with incorrect information, and simply ignored state regulations governing their conduct. 

The complaint specifically highlights the violation of North Carolina's data retention laws, which prohibit the retention of certain personal information after submission of a voter registration form. The complaint emphasizes that these data retention prohibitions are clearly outlined in the state's statutes and prominently displayed on the NCSBE website. Read more

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