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NCEIT Legislative Priorities 2024 Session

*Priorities This Session:

*House BIll 770 (CVR Access) [Senate Rules: Note- was bipartisan in Hse 73-29 w/ 12 Dems]

*Proposed Bill to Require Electronic Verification of Vital Events (EVVE) for List Maintenance (Rep Harry Warren - House Select Committee on Oversight & Reform & Rep Neil Jackson - Rules Calendar & Operations of the House to Sponsor)

*Bill to Eliminate Same Day Registration (Searching for Sponsor)

*Possible Bill to Require Documentary Proof of Citizenship to Register

*Possible Bill to Designate State Auditor as Authority for Post-Election Tabulation Audit

*Possible Bill to Shorten Length of Early Voting (H303)

*Possible Bill to eliminate loopholes in Voter ID enforcement (Amendment 630)

*Possible BIll to Compel acceptance of Citizen inputs for List Maintenance (H728)

*Contemplating Bill to address Maintenance of Voter List & Actions the NCGA can mandate (e.g., retrieval of missing SSN-4 & DL where not annotated when registrants present, prior to voting)

Other Election Biils Still Active:

House Elections & Redistricting Cmte:

House Operations, Calendar & Rules:

--H304 (Election Day Integrity Act) =S88

Senate Elections & Redistricting:

--S88 (Election Day Integrity Act) (Daniel) =H304

Senate Rules:

--H388 (Campaign Contributions/Expenditures Thresholds)

--H475 (Revise Certain Ballot & 48 Hour Reporting Rqrmts)

--H770 (Cast Vote Records) [Note- was bipartisan in Hse 73-29 w/ 12 Dems]

--S360 (Constitutional AMendment for Citizens Only Voting)

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