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Only Citizens Vote Talking Points: SAVE Act and our NC legislation

Messaging, in general, is positive - taking action to protect ALL lawful voters. 

  • This Act enhances our ability to ensure that only citizens vote. 

  • It protects US-born AND naturalized citizens who worked hard to get there

  • Yes, it is currently unlawful for non-citizens to vote in federal elections, but this ensures that only citizens vote in any and all elections, and ADDS the requirement for citizenship verification at registration that is currently missing. \

Counter argument to the left:

  • The only people it "suppresses" are non-citizens.

  • Why would you not want to protect non-citizens from innocently committing a voting felony that could prompt deportation or denial of a citizenship application?

If you have any questions, please let me know. The SAVE Act now has 90 co-sponsors, let's work together to increase that number to 100+!

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