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Only Citizens Vote Project Resources/Materials/Distribute

Updated: Jun 24

 Request:  Meeting in a Box: The resources you need to easily educate your members about the threat of noncitizens voting and how to fight back. 

Request Meeting in a Box:

“I’m a leader in ____ County, NC. I’m a member of NCEIT. Please send MIB. Thank you.”

 You will also receive 10 yard signs this week to put up at polling sites!!

Only Citizens Vote Coalition: Take the Only Citizen Vote Pledge/Contact Legislators to Support Only Citizens Vote and the SAVE Act:


         Sign the Activist Pledge:

         You Sign the Form to gain access to our elected officials contacts for email .  Align Act:

         This is the page to email elected officials after you sign up above.

         Have your state and federal representatives Signed the Pledge?


Ideas to Distribute the Message: ONLY CITIZENS VOTE

Call To Action flyer

Get NC Rep & DC pledges

Sign waves at strategic locations

Distribute law in several languages in parking lots: Smiley's/WalMarts/Dollar General/Aldi's/Summer markets (Consistent National Design for “Law handout’ OCV)

Attend festivals/Community Meetings (grassroots; clubs/GOP. Sign up poll observers & workers

Caravans through counties waving flags and giving out Summary of the Issue

Connect with liaisons from Hispanic Community/Pastors. Get permission to distrubute material at church services

Set up a table at early voting/election day.

Put up yard signs at precincts (most vulnerable): Only Citizens Vote/Stop Illegal Voting

Write Letters to the editor/contact radio/


Messaging, in general, is positive - taking action to protect ALL lawful voters. 

  • SAVE Act/S630 - Only Citizens Vote) enhances our ability to ensure that only citizens vote. 

  • It protects US-born AND naturalized citizens who worked hard to get there

  • Yes, it is currently unlawful for non-citizens to vote in federal elections, but this ensures that only citizens vote in any and all elections, and ADDS the requirement for citizenship verification at registration that is currently missing. 

Counter argument to the left:

  • The only people it "suppresses" are non-citizens.

  • Why would you not want to protect non-citizens from innocently committing a voting felony that could prompt deportation or denial of a citizenship application?

If you have any questions, please let me know. The SAVE Act now has 90 co-sponsors, let's work together to increase that number to 100+!

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